The Manual Media Destroyer ProDevice MMD360 is the perfect solution to securely destroy all your 2,5” i 3’5” hard drives, SSD disks, tablets and cell phones. Designed for companies and institutions who see and appreciate the need of effectively data removal.

Institutions and businesses handling secret information (such as personal data, credit card numbers, account numbers, product information, sales reports, etc.) are under risk of uncontrolled leakage. Institutions such as banks, insurance companies or telecoms are obligated to delete data. Unfortunately, some of them are not doing it efficiently, and it puts them under threat of not only incurring the costs of the data loss, but also criminal liability. The most effective method of data deletion is destroying media physically. How to do it? Obviously, using professional device – manual media destroyer ProDevice MMD360.

naikinimo Sistema:

  • Physical Hard Drive Destroyer


  • 56cm x 43cm x 34cm


  • 30 kg.

slėgio jėga:

  • up to 4,5 ton


  • ne


  • manual media insert

tinkamos naikinti laikmenos:

  • Hard Drives, SSD’s, Mobile Phones, Flash Memory, Cards up to 1,1” in height

Darbo ciklas:

  • continuous


  • 5 Year Carry – In warranty